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Autism Spectrum conditions /Neurodiversity

Bracknell Forest is in the early stages of planning its neurodiversity project. The aims of this project are:


  • To ensure that the needs of any child or young person can be effectively met, whether or not they have received a diagnosis or meet the criteria for one.
  • To ensure that settings and professionals develop their understanding of the range of needs experienced by children and young people, as well as their individual profiles of strength and skill. These settings and professionals will have access to the relevant resources to effectively provide support and celebrate strengths.
  • To develop a framework for the co-production of a person-centred profile of strengths and needs and an associated support plan for identified individuals.


To achieve these aims, Bracknell Forest plans to:

  • Set up focus groups with parents, young people, education settings and health professionals.
  • Develop an interactive resource tool.
  • Develop a process to guide person centred meetings to produce individual profiles for young people (strengths, needs and support).
  • Develop and publish a training webinar.
  • Pilot the resource tool and person centred process and evaluate impact.


The project is being lead by the council’s Educational Psychology Service. For more information and to keep informed about the project’s progress, join the East Berkshire Neurodiversity Network: East Berkshire Neurodiversity Network : ADHD Foundation



Neurodiversity is the concept that neurological differences should be both recognised and respected, in the same way as any other human variation.


Neurodiversity: the diversity of minds – promotes accepting, respecting and celebrating differences

Neurotypical: the majority within the group

Neurodivergent: those falling outside the majority

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