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Sleep Clinic within the Children’s Specialist Support Team (CSST)

Sleep Clinic within the Children’s Specialist Support Team (CSST)

(for families living within Bracknell Forest)


 What is the Service?

This service provides support and advice for children and young people with disabilities who are struggling to sleep well and families who are suffering from long term sleep deprivation as a result of their child’s difficulties sleeping.


Who is eligible and do I have to pay?

The service at Tier 3 is usually provided as part of an agreed plan following an assessment and where the case is open to the CSST at no cost.  The key worker would make a referral to the Resource Allocation System (RAS) panel.


The child must have a diagnosed disability or a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).  Families are considered for this service if sleep issues have consistently lasted for a period longer than 3 months. 


Long term sleep deprivation for family members is likely to be having an impact on their capacity as carers; a good nights sleep is important to everyone’s physical health and emotional wellbeing.


Who are we?

The Sleep Clinic team comprises a team of 2 staff who are employed by Bracknell Forest and who have been trained through Sleep Scotland.  


Counsellors will share information, with relevant professionals, and discuss cases on an individual basis where required to promote problem-solving and to develop strategies and support.


Why would a child be referred to Sleep Clinic?

  • It is likely that the family or child will be struggling with managing sleep routines and this will be affecting every day lives;
  • The child’s key worker may have concerns about sleep routines; 
  • The family may have requested further support to help manage;
  • A child is not benefitting from enough sleep.


What do we do?

The direct work is usually for an initial period of 12 weeks and will start with a telephone call and home visit which starts the initial consultation and detailed sleep assessment. 


Sleep counsellors will provide information, support problem solving including writing a sleep plan and provide relevant resources.  This provides families with a bespoke package and strategies.


Further home visits may be necessary but there will be fortnightly consultation/ review session.  Weekly telephone support is also available during the 12 week period.


Involvement of the Sleep Clinic is temporary, average length of intervention can be between three to five months.


Parents/cares are required to commit to the plan and provide feedback at each step of the way. 


What happens if involvement stops and sleep does not improve or regresses?

The aim of this service is that following support, families will be able to sustain positive sleep routines, have a greater understanding of sleep issues and have the skills to problem solve future issues.  However, if this is not the case, families should discuss any additional requirements with their key worker.




Who to contact

Contact Name
Your allocated social worker or family worker if you have one, or Children's Social Care on:
01344 352020
Last Update: 17/02/2020

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