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Bracknell Forest Transport Team

If your child is undergoing statutory assessment for special education needs you should discuss any transport requirements with the SEN Team.

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health Care Plan and you feel that he or she may be entitled to transport you should discuss this with the SEN Team.

The type of transport provided such as a bus pass or a taxi is determined based on the needs of the individual child. In determining the type of transport assistance to be provided, the council will also wish to encourage the independence of the pupil as far as practicable and to ensure that provision is cost effective e.g. making use of shared transport.

The Local Authority strongly recommends parents consider home to school transport issues when determining their school preferences. For instance choosing a school which is not the nearest qualifying* school will, bar exceptional circumstances, mean that assistance from home to school is not available. Further parents will need to consider any practical implications of choosing a particular school, for instance if siblings attend a different school.

The Local Authority uses a variety of different vehicles to meet the needs of children and young people including:

  •  Coaches Used for transport to and from campus special schools, transporting large numbers of pupils (note: separate transport may be needed for pupils requiring wheelchairs, unless coaches are fitted with a tail-lift).
  • Minibuses Suitable for transporting smaller numbers and particularly those with special needs requiring close supervision/care (note: pupils may be transported in mini buses belonging to special schools, which operate under contract).
  •  Ambulance (with tail lifts) Only provided for pupils with profound physical difficulties and/or complex needs.
  • Private Hire Vehicles Not used unless there is no other reasonable option, or taxi arrangement is most economical in light of numbers and distance involved.

Who to contact

Special Educational Needs Team: 01344 354048
The Integrated Transport Team: 01344 352002
Last Update: 09/05/2017

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