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Jones, Kelly (Little Rainbows Childminding)

Open from the 1st June 2020 to all children.

I am an OFSTED registered childminder based in Quelm Park, Warfield.  I am a mum to three children and I have worked with children of varying ages in a school environment for 10 years.  My husband is a children's football coach.

I provide a nurturing, cosy, home-from-home environment where children feel safe and secure in order to learn and develop at their own individual pace.  I work closely with parents and carers to follow a child's normal routine and to ensure that each child feels a real sense of family and belonging.  

As a childminder, I can be flexible and more spontaneous in terms of planning learning opportunities and experiences, and I teach children about the wider world by exploring on outings and trips.  I plan activities tailored to the child's individual interests.  I follow and deliver the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) just like any other early years provider.  We spend lots of time connecting with nature outdoors.  I am a member of Forest Childcare.  I believe that lots of outdoor play is vital for a child's wellbeing.  

I take children to toddler groups, childminder drop-in sessions, trips to the park and library.  Occasionally we may visit a farm or theme park such as Lego Land. 

I care for children aged 0-12 and I can offer continuity of care for as long as required.  I can assist with transition to school and I will support children attending other settings such as pre-schools or playgroups.  

I am trained in paediatric first aid and I have undertaken safeguarding training.  I endeavour to keep my knowledge and skills fresh and up to date by attending regular training. 

If you would like more information about my service, please phone or email me for an information pack or to arrange a visit. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Kelly Jones
Contact Position
07780 663387

Where to go

Kelly Jones - Little Rainbows Childminding

My home is situated in Warfield, with plenty of parking for drop-off and collection.  We are within walking distance of local parks and countryside, Bracknell Town Centre (The Lexicon), Whitegrove Library, and we are just a couple of minutes walk away from Warfield Primary (Woodhurst Park site).

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
5.50 Per Hour
Please contact me for further information about my costs and fees and availability.

Inclusion Information

Wheelchair Access

Has Provision
My home is not currently designed to accommodate wheelchair access, as I have steps and my doorways are not wide enough.

Dietary Needs

Has Provision
I am happy to work with parents and carers to accomodate a child's dietary requirements It is also possible for you to supply a suitable meal for your child.

Childcare Information

Funded Places

Offers 2 year funded places
Offers 3 & 4 years (15 hrs) funded places
Offers 3 & 4 years (30 hrs) funded places
Offers Tax Free Childcare


Range of vacancies
Age rangePlaces
0 – 11 Months 2
1 – 4 Years 2
4 – 8 Years 0
Date updated

Opening Times & Facilities

Opening Times Details
Core hours 8am-5pm. I try to be flexible and may be able to help outside of these hours (there may be an additional unsociable hours fee). I may be able to help with shift work hours or term time only - it is always worth asking to see if I have availability.
Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 08:00 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 17:00
Thursday 08:00 17:00
Friday 08:00 17:00
Colouring, Off-site trips, Visits & Outings, Childminder Drop-ins, Children work to the early years foundation stage, Nature Walks, Seasonal Activities, Secure Garden, Visits To The Lookout, Homework area, Construction toys, Homework assistance, Outings, Outings in summer, Cookery, Singing/Music, Home cooked food, Home Corner, Outdoor Play, Visits to local Parent & Toddler Groups, Sleeping Area, Visits To The Library, Activities, Activity equipment, Daily organised activities, soft play visits, Paddling pool/waterplay, Woodland walk, Countryside location, Parent & Toddler Groups, Access to computer and internet, Crafts, Songs & Rhymes, Creative area, Park visits, Access to public library, Storytime, Picnics, Play Area, Arts & Crafts, Dedicated Playroom, Attend weekly Childminders Drop-ins, Detailed report of childs day and meal plan., Play Equipment, Adventure playground, Baby Toys, Educational games & activities, Learning about nature, Enclosed Garden, Baking, Baby changing, Play Room, Dressing up, Playdoh, Bedroom cots, Library Visits, Toddler groups, Puzzles, Lego building, Toys & equipment, Messy play, Breakfast available, train set, Games, Local Park, Book Corner, Local visits & outings, Free Play, Bottle Warming Facilities, Quiet time, Freeplay Toys, Lunch, Toys, Music & Movement, Garden Play, planting and watching plants grow., Sand and Water Play, garden toys, Musical Instruments, Chalk and colouring board, TV/Video, Changing facilities, Safe Play, Garden Play

School Pickups

Offers pickups
School Pickup
School Pickup
Warfield Primary - Woodhurst
I provide a drop off and a pick up service from Warfield Primary School (Woodhurst Park site) from September 2019

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer

Local Offer Record
Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0-4 years)
Primary (4-10 years)
Junior (7-11 years)

General Provider response 

Local Offer Description

I provide a flexible, home- from- home childcare service from my home in Warfield.  I live in a cul-de-sac, and there is plenty of parking available for parents to drop off and collect their children.  Downstairs I use my lounge, kitchen/diner and large playroom/family room for childminding.  Children have free-flow access to the garden from both the kitchen/diner and the playroom.  I do have stairs in my home, and a step up to the front door, and a step down from the back doors, therefore my home may not be suitable for wheelchair access, although I could possibly make adjustments.  My core opening hours are from 8am-6pm, but I can be flexible if you require care before 8am or after 6pm.  I live within walking distance of Bracknell Town centre, parks and countryside, and within a 15 minute walk from Whitegrove library and Tesco superstore.  I am also just a couple of minutes walk away from Warfield School (Woodhurst Park site).

1: How does the setting identify children with additional needs or SEND?

I ensure that I carry out regular observations following the EYFS framework.  When children start at my setting, I discuss with parents/carers in detail the child’s progress so far and ask parents/carers to complete an ‘All About Me’ form.  This helps me to create a baseline assessment to work from.  I will then continue to assess and observe the child’s development, and record their ‘next steps’.  I present these observations in the form of a Learning Journey, which contains observations and photographs of the child’s development whilst in my care, and these are shared with parents/carers.  I complete a 2 year check when the child is 2 years old, and I will raise any issues or concerns with parents.  If necessary, I will work with parents to create a plan of care to address any issues.  I am more than happy to share information with permission from parents/carers and I am happy to work closely with other childcare/healthcare professionals working with the child if necessary.

2: How will I be informed / consulted about the ways in which my child is being supported?

I endeavour to develop a good working partnership with parents/carers to ensure that I can provide the best level of childcare possible. I will spend time talking to parents/carers daily when they drop off or collect their child.   I hold regular meetings with parents to discuss their child’s development and I am available at any time to have a chat with parents about any concerns they may have, either face to face, on the telephone or via email or WhatsApp.  I use a daily diary to share information; this can be in a paper format or via WhatsApp.  I will also send photographs to parents/carers via WhatsApp (with parents/carers permission).  I update parents/carers on what their child has been learning at my setting and offer ideas for activities for parents/carers if they wish to continue supporting their child’s learning at home.  I also keep parents/carers informed of news, events and important information regularly via WhatsApp or in a daily diary.

3: How will the setting adapt the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for my child's needs?

My planning is mostly child led and I plan/tailor activities around their interests, age and ability.  I have a wide range of toys, resources and activities to meet the needs of all children, regardless of race, background, gender and ability, but I will seek further appropriate resources to provide opportunities to promote a child’s development if required. I set the children small targets and use a reward system to encourage them to achieve their next steps and to feel proud of their achievements.  I ensure that my setting complies with the requirements of the EYFS and I would seek additional support or advice if required to ensure that I am able to meet a child’s individual needs.  I am happy to work with a child on a 1-1 basis if I feel this will help the child’s development. I will always do my very best to accommodate a child with SEND at my setting.

4: What teaching strategies does the setting use for children with additional needs or learning difficulties?

I do not have extensive experience of caring for children with additional needs, although I do have some experience of working on a one to one basis with children with autism.  I always treat every child as an individual and I will adapt activities to meet the needs of all the children in my setting.  If necessary I would acquire additional resources to support a child’s needs, such as dual language books, visual aids and mobility aids.  I would also undertake further training and advice and support if necessary to help me to support a child more effectively. 

5: What additional support does the setting provide for children with additional needs or SEND?

I have written a SEND policy and an Inclusion Policy and I ensure that I cater for all children in my setting regardless of their race, background, gender or ability.  I will attend specialist training if necessary to help support a child, and acquire additional resources or specialist equipment to meet the individual needs of the child. I will seek advice and guidance from the parents or other professionals involved with the child if necessary.  If the child attended another setting I would visit the setting in order to offer consistency of care.  I have suitable risk assessments in place, and I ensure that I review and make adjustments to these to ensure they are appropriate for each child in my care. 

6: How will the setting monitor my child's progress and how will I be involved in this?

I track every child’s progress and plan activities according to their individual interests and progress.  I discuss a child’s progress with parents/carers regularly either face to face, over the telephone or via email/WhatsApp.  I am always available to have a chat with parents/carers regarding any issues or concerns they may have.  I am also happy to liaise with other childcare/healthcare professionals (such as nurseries, pre-schools, speech therapists, etc).  If the child is attending a pre-school or nursery I will endeavour to have verbal discussions with practitioners when dropping off or collecting children.  If direct contact is not possible, I will create a communication book between myself, parent/carer and the pre-school or nursery.  I complete two year checks on every child when they are two years old.  I complete Learning Journeys for the children and share these with parents/carers.  I use WhatsApp to share information with parents and to send photos of their child taking part in activities or achieving milestones.

7: How do you ensure children with additional needs or SEND can be included in the same activities as other children, including trips?

I am aware of and follow the Equality Act and I will always ensure that I plan carefully and consider each individual child’s needs to ensure that each child is treated the same and has access to the same resources and activities.  Activities may be adjusted accordingly to suit the individual needs of the child.  If we go on an outing/trip, I will always risk assess for each individual child to ensure that they can attend the outing.  If possible, I prefer to pre-visit the location of the trip beforehand to ensure that it is suitable for each child attending and I will amend my risk assessment as required.  If necessary, I will acquire additional staff to help or support me on a trip/outing to ensure that I am adhering to the required ratios. 

8: How accessible is the building for children with mobility difficulties / wheelchair users?

No specific adjustments have been made to my home to accommodate wheelchair users.  I have a step up to my front door, and steps down into the playroom and into the back garden.  I could possibly acquire a ramp if required.  My home has standard size doorways which may not be appropriate for a wheelchair to fit through.  I do not currently have a downstairs toilet, although I am having one installed very soon.  My garden is suitable for a wheelchair user.  It may a good idea for parents/carers to visit my home to assess whether it would be appropriate for their child and to discuss with me the individual mobility needs of the child. Where possible I may be able to make reasonable adjustments to my home to cater for the needs of the child.

9: How will you support my child's transition to a new setting or school?

I will do everything I can to help a child adjust to the transition to school or another setting.  I am happy to work in partnership with the school or setting, and arrange to meet them if necessary.  I will pass on the child’s Learning Journey to the new school or setting and provide any information that I feel with help the child adjust to his/her new school or setting, including writing a report.  I will work with the child to resolve any fear or anxiety about going to school or moving to a new setting, such as talking openly to the child about the move, reading books with the child about going to school, or sharing pictures and photos of the new setting with the child.

10: How does the setting assess the overall effectiveness of its SEN provision and how can parents / carers take part in this evaluation?

I value feedback from parents/carers (and the children) and other professionals and I will work in partnership to ensure that I am providing the very best level of care that I can for all children (including SEND). I use EYFS progress reviews and reflect on the children’s milestones to ensure that I am monitoring development effectively in my provision.  I am always reviewing and reflecting on my practice and looking for ways to improve my service.

11: Who should I contact if I am considering registering for a place at the setting?

Please contact myself, the childminder: Kelly Jones.  Email address:  

12: What arrangements does the setting have for feedback from parents / carers, including compliments and complaints?

I have a complaints/feedback book available for parents/carers to comment in.  I display the parents poster on my noticeboard as required by Ofsted, and I also send out parent/carer/child questionnaires regularly to allow parents/carers and children the opportunity to provide feedback on my service and provision. I am happy for parents/carers/children to speak to me at any time about the service I provide.  I am always open to ways to improve! I keep all references, thank-you cards and letters etc. and value all feedback given.

Last updated: 31/05/2020

Last Update: 04/06/2020

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