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SEND Intervention Fund and Alternate Provision (SIF)

The SIF is a small grant programme that forms part of Bracknell Forest’s new model of Graduated Support for Children and Young People(CYPs) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and is intended to be a mechanism by which schools can enhance existing support for children with SEN Support needs.


The purpose of the SEND Intervention Fund is to enable schools to build on their existing early intervention and inclusion practice to further develop effective, impactful approaches that meet the needs of children and young people with SEND at school support level.  The intention is to build capacity in our current system and to enable children’s needs to be met as early as possible to keep them on a pathway more closely aligned with their peers wherever possible.  The outcomes and impact of this work will be measured to create a practice guide for all practitioners.


The funding may be used to address needs that are impacting on an individual child or young person in mainstream school and meeting these needs is proving challenging within existing resources; a key underpinning expectation of the funding programme is that it will lead to longer term learning and capacity building that will be embedded in school’s SEND practice going forward and be of benefit to a wider group of CYPs over time.

Bracknell Forest’s Model of Graduated Support

The SIF forms part of a whole new model of SEND Graduated Support we are introducing, including the following key components:

  • My Support Arrangements document for schools to capture a child’s needs at SEND Support stage and the actions schools are taking to meet these.  This document can provide a precursor to an EHC Plan, if that proves necessary.
  • SEND Provision Map setting out the support ordinarily available in Bracknell Forest’s mainstream schools for children with SEND
  • SEND Profile of Need and Banding – setting out the descriptors of need for individual CYPs across all the categories of SEN and the corresponding Banding on the revised funding matrix.

As part of the SIF application we expect that the CYP should already have a My Support Arrangements (or other equivalent document) mapping the child’s needs with reference to the SEND Provision Map so we can understand where the needs arise that require additional support as well as which interventions have already been used.  This will ensure that the SIF grant award is evidence-based and will also inform future commissioning of support as it provides information on priority needs locally. Critically we also ask that you demonstrate how the funding will enable the school to build longer term capacity in response to the profile of need.

We’ve made the process as simple as possible whilst also ensuring funding is allocated transparently and fairly so that schools have met their statutory obligations before accessing precious high needs funding and that it is targeted to CYPs with appropriate levels of need.


Listed below are some suggestions for how the SIF could be used, although applications do not need to be confined to the list.

Suggested SIF Bids


Targeted therapeutic support e.g. pet therapy

Specialist intervention and resources required

Employability programmes

Short Term Alternative Provision placement (6-12 weeks maximum)


Decisions will be made based on the evidence submitted at a weekly meeting of the SEND Intervention Fund (SIF) Panel. Schools will be notified of the SIF Panel’s decision within five working days of when the application was presented at the meeting.

Graduated Support Overview

Final Provision Map 2020

Alternative Proviosion Process

Bracknell SIF Guide 

Booking forms and other useful supporting documentation can be found in the 'Downloads' section of this webpage.

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Last Update: 12/03/2021

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