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Promoting the Local Offer

One of our key objectives is to ensure the BF SEND Local Offer becomes a resource that is broadly used and recognised by local families across Bracknell. Over the past 2 years we have conducted various outreach & consultation sessions, as well as attending numerous meetings & event to promote the Local Offer:

Presentations: Education Psychology Team; Children’s Social Care; CCG GP Conference; SEN Team

Meetings: Breakthrough; Advisor; Kids; Family Support Advisors; SEND Improvement Team

Events: Parent Carer Transition to Adulthood Event; BF SEN Event; Child Development Centre CDC Opening; Local Offer Peer Review

Consultation: Child Development Centre CDC; Kerith Centre Parent Group; B&W College; Larchwood; Parent Forum Coffee Morning; ASD Parent Group.


The LO is regularly promoted on the BF FaceBook page and in the Town & Country publication. Promotional items such as leaflets, poster, pens, magnets & sticky monsters have been circulated throughout the area. Posters have been distributed to GP surgeries, libraries, community centres & schools.

Bracknell Forest staff within SEND, Children’s Social Care and Support teams have a Local Offer link included in their email signature footer.


We are continually looking for opportunities to further promote the Local Offer, so please do contact us with any suggestions you might have on 01344 353133 or email 



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