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Preparing for Adulthood - Bracknell Forest

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Preparing for adulthood needs to begin early – schools and professional involved with you  should start having discussions with you as a young person about long-term goals, ideally before you reach the age of 14, so you can start planning for your future.

The term ‘Transition’ is often used to describe the journey of a child and young person through to adulthood.

You should be supported to prepare for adulthood so that you become as independent as possible and are given opportunities to take more control over your life. You can expect your parents or carers, professional such as teachers, lecturers, youth works, social workers to be supporting you with this.

This is particularly important for you as a young person with SEN or disabilities.

From the age of 16, you are recognised as a young person by law. You are entitled to have your views, wishes and feelings respected, and to be involved in decisions about planning for your adulthood, if you are able to.

You therefore have the right as a young person to be directly involved in deciding your support. - For example, you have the right to request an assessment to be considered for an Education, Health and Care Plan (see below) and the right to request a Personal Budget

Your parents or other family members can continue to support you in making decisions, or act on your behalf if you want them to.

Preparing for adulthood is about preparing for:

1. Education and/or employment – this includes  different employment options, such as support for becoming self-employed. See links to: 

2. Independent living – this means young people having choice, control and freedom over their lives and the support they have, their accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living. See link to Independent living

3. Being involved in the community

4. Being as healthy as possible in adult life

Visit Bracknell Forest's Adult Services 'Help Yourself' Community Map for further social & leisure information for those age 18yrs +


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